VegasGiant's Las Vegas Nightlife VIP Experience


You don't have to be a "betting person" to count on this safe bet. You won't make it as far as the check-in desk at your Las Vegas hotel without seeing sign after sign separating "the players" from the non-players in this gambling town.

From the airport to your hotel, you're likely to see many signs on doors reading: "Reserved for VIPs," "VIPs only" and "Restricted VIP Access."

But Make no mistake. There's a huge difference between thinking you're a very important person and actually being a Very Important Person - and only VegasGiant can confer the exclusive status of someone who deserves capital letters before their name.

Think of VegasGiant as more than the city's premier concierge service. VegasGiant holds the ticket to the recreational pursuits to swing those doors wide open, making it a Very Important Presence in a town where clout is needed most.

With well-established connections, VegasGiant can be counted on to roll out the red carpet treatment and showcase what it means to enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife in grand style.

This Nightlife Includes:

  • Tickets to exclusive attractions in town (because VIPs know "sold out" doesn't always apply to them).
  • Fast & easy access to chic nightclubs and restaurants (because VIPs shouldn't be forced to wait).
  • Great seats or tables at top venues (because VIPs deserve the best vantage point wherever they go).
  • Wait staff service and bottle service befitting royalty (because VIPs move in the same circles).

We encourage revelers to define their "ultimate Vegas experience" so we can work some magic and deliver – usually with a few surprises along the way. When visitors to Las Vegas explain the VIP experience they crave, VegasGiant steps into gear to achieve it. With this offer alone, VegasGiant distinguishes itself as a concierge service striving not only to meet, but exceed visitors' expectations about the ultimate Las Vegas nightlife adventure. Call it the red carpet treatment with tassels on the side. Do Vegas. BIGGER.

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