Discover Old Fashioned Pairings at Yardbird

Posted by VEGASGIANT on Jul 10, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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Story and Photo By Rob Kachelriess

In addition to mouthwatering gourmet fried chicken, Yardbird is known for having a deep bourbon and whiskey selection. So it's appropriate that the restaurant recently added a few new takes on the Old Fashioned in its latest menu update. They're all quite delicious, and each one comes with its own perfect pairing.

Smoked Peaches and Ham

This unique version of the Old Fashioned combines Wild Turkey 81 with a smoked syrup that's made from the same peaches used in Yardbird's famous Peach Cobbler. It's balanced with Elemakule bitters and garnished with a slice of cured Virginia ham.

The sweet and savory combination goes nicely with the Black Angus Burnt Ends appetizer. The small bites of brisket are served over a thick blue cheese fondue with crunchy tater tots and pickled chilies.

Banana Walnut

This sweet take on the Old Fashioned doesn't use bourbon or whiskey. Instead, it uses a blend of three rums (Bacardi Silver, Bacardi 8 and Atlantico Reserva) along with spiced banana syrup and black walnut bitters.

The sweetness complements the Warm Farmer's Cheese & Watermelon. It's a simple dish that works as the perfect amuse-bouche for any big meal that lies ahead at Yardbird. The fresh slices of watermelon are enhanced with sea salt and lemon oil - and topped by a piece of Anthotyros cheese, which is almost like a combination of feta and brie.  

Yardbird Old Fashioned

This familiar favorite uses bacon-infused Wild Turkey 81, angostura bitters, orange bitters and maple syrup for a flavor that's both strong and smoky.

The Yardbird Old Fashioned is actually already included on the side with the new $100 Fried Chicken and Waffles. It's a serving of Lewellyn's fried chicken with a truffle and bacon waffle, Russian Sturgeon caviar, maple foie gras butter, Breckenridge bourbon maple syrup, rose compressed watermelon and a gold flake on top. An order requires 48-72 hours advance notice.

Ready to experiment with an Old Fashioned at Yardbird? The restaurant can be found on the Las Vegas Strip inside the Venetian. Call 702-476-0001 and VegasGiant will book your reservation today.

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